Getting Around Mallorca

1 Buses
Mallorca has an extensive network of buses. The central station is at Plaça Espanya in Palma; get a general timetable from any tourist agency. Palma also has a good urban bus system (EMT). Buy tickets on board.

2 Trains and Trams
There are two railway lines: one from Palma to Sóller, the other Palma to Inca (now continuing to Sa Pobla and Manacor). They have separate stations in Palma’s Plaça Espanya. The delightful Sóller train, “Red Lightning”, is first-class and offers special tourist runs in the morning, at extra cost. The utilitarian Inca train stops everywhere. An attractive tram runs from Sóller to Port de Sóller (see Tram from Sóller to Port de Sóller).

3 Driving
Driving here can be fun, so long as you’re in no hurry. The Palma– Sóller and Palma–Inca roads are the only major highways. Other roads, though narrow and twisting, are in good repair for the most part, though you will need nerves of steel in some areas (see Hair-Raising Roads). Driving is the only way to see some of the sights and to fit a lot into one trip (see Walks and Drives).

4 Motorbikes
This is a popular option as most of the roads are ideal for scooting around on a two-wheeler. Motor-bikes
and scooters can be rented in most towns.

5 Hiring a Vehicle
Car hire is quite cheap. Most big agencies are represented at Palma airport, or you can contact some directly to make comparisons. You’ll need to be 21 or over, with a driver’s licence and a credit card. Smaller cars are better for the narrow lanes.

6 Boats
Taking a boat is the only way to see some of Mallorca’s most beautiful coves and cliffs that are inaccessible by road.

7 Taxis
Getting around by taxi – at least within the city of Palma – is quite a reasonable proposition. Fares are moderate, and there are enough taxis in circulation to give you a good chance of flagging one down at any time of day or night. A taxi ride across the whole island will cost from €60.

8 Cycling
Cycling along country lanes and mountain roads is an excellent mode of transport. Tandems and all sorts of other pedalling options are available for hire.

9 Gentle Walks
Some of the bigger port towns offer lovely promenades right along the water’s edge. One of the best is the pedestrian-only Passeig Anglada Camarassa–Voramar in Port de Pollença. Port de Sóller also has a broad path that loops around much of its beautiful bay.

10 Long-Distance Walks
Much of Mallorca is rough territory and perfect for hiking. Easy slopes with lots of vegetation can be found all over the island, but if you want real challenges, there’s plenty of rugged mountain trails, many of which are sign-posted from town to town (see Hiking and Rock-Climbing & Walks and Drives).

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