Budget Tips

1 Off-Season Bargains
Coming out of season is by far the best way to make your holiday money go further in Mallorca. Prices plummet as the throngs of July and August become only a faint memory in the minds of hoteliers and restaurateurs. Low-season prices for everything can delight the budget-minded traveller, plus you have the luxury of being one of only a few, rather than one of uncountable thousands.

2 Package Deals
If you choose the location carefully, an all-inclusive package can mean excellent value. Make sure that transfers, taxes and other extras are also covered.

3 Self-Catering
If you can book far in advance, you should be able to secure one of the cheaper self-catering apartments in a pretty seaside town with good facilities (see Self-Catering Apartments).

4 Camping
There are two camp sites – the better one is Club Sun Picafort, 9 km (6 miles) southeast of Port d’Alcúdia.
Reserve well in advance. Camping rough is prohibited within 1 km (half a mile) of the official camp sites, in urban areas and in zones prohibited for military or other reasons. You are allowed to camp rough elsewhere, but try to obtain permission from the landowner first.

5 Picnicking
Given the wealth of natural beauty on the island, much of it now given over to reserves, picnicking is a great proposal generally. There are also plenty of grocery stores out of which you can construct a memorable pastoral repast on the cheap.

6 Partying on a Budget
Not all pubs and clubs are pricey. Some of the best, in fact, do not impose a cover charge or minimum fee.
And most pubs are so busy that no one will notice you nursing your brew all night.

7 IVA Sales Tax
If you buy anything that has a hefty sales tax tacked onto it, keep the receipt, fill out the paperwork, then get
a portion of it reimbursed at the airport. Another option for avoiding the 7% IVA is to have your purchases shipped directly home, thus making it an out-of-country sale.

8 Make Lunch the Main Meal
The daily lunch menu in most restaurants can save you a lot of money – as much as 75% of the à la carte cost (see Menú del Dia). Portions are often generous, too, so you can make this your major meal of the day.
It’s also a great way to savour the cuisine of some of the top restaurants without forking out their top prices.

9 Laundromats
Unfortunately, regular laundries and tintorias (dry-cleaners) are quite expensive, and hotel services even more exorbitant. However, some hotels (eg Villa Sirena) offer clients the use of their washers for a nominal fee. A few lavanderías automaticas can be found in Palma, but don’t bother looking anywhere else.

10 Reduced Admissions
Coupons for reduced group admissions to various attractions can help a lot when you’ve got a whole family to pay for. You’ll find them in magazines, weekly papers, fliers and brochures. They are also handed out on the street, and tourist offices often have stacks of them.

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