The final jutting spur of the Serra de Tramuntana has stunning views, sandy beaches and the island’s original
luxury resort. With weird rock formations and jagged edges pointing up at 45 degrees, its mountains rise to over
400 m (1,300 ft). The drive from Port de Pollença has dramatic scenery and is famously scary for its steep bends.
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Top 10 Highlights

1 Peninsula Road
The famous road is narrow but well maintained, forking off to the Hotel Formentor in one direction and across to the cape in the other. Side-roads along the way – sometimes much rougher – wind up to the Watchtower and give access to the beach, as well as makeshift car parks for Cala Figuera.

2 Main Miradors
Of the main miradors (viewpoints), Mirador de Mal Pas is closest to the road. From here you can walk along a wall with dizzying panoramas of the rocks and sea below. You can also see the islet of Es Colomer.

3 Watchtower
The Talaia d’Albercutx has an amazing view over the Peninsula and bays of Pollença and Alcúdia. But the
road to it is very bad, without guardrails, so hire a four-wheel drive if you can. For a further adrenalin rush, you have to hike up the last bit and climb the tower itself.

4 Beach
In a long, sheltered cove with fine sand and clear turquoise water, Platja de Formentor is served both by road and a regular ferry from the Port de Pollença. Eating spots and tiki shades abound. Expect crowds of families at weekends.

5 Hotel Formentor
The posh resort opened in 1929 and has been pampering the rich and famous ever since (see Hotel Formentor, nr Port de Pollença). Part of the Platja de Formentor is reserved for hotel guests only.

6 Casas Velles
An old Mallorcan house is preserved in the grounds of the Hotel Formentor. There’s a characteristic courtyard with an old stone well, a one-room house and a chapel with a melodramatic, life-size crucifix.

7 Mountain Tunnel
The road continues through pine woods and past more miradors on its way to En Fumat mountain. It then tunnels through the raw rock of the mountain. For those who need more thrills, there’s a steep staircase up the cliff above the tunnel’s western mouth.

8 Cap de Formentor
The terrain becomes rockier towards the end of the peninsula, and soon you have a plunging view down
to Cala Figuera, Mallorca’s most inaccessible beach, where a few boats have anchored. It’s a harrowing drive out to the end, but you’re rewarded with breathtaking views.

9 Lighthouse
Around the last curve, you come upon the silver-domed lighthouse, set on a dramatic promontory with views over the sea. On a good day, you can see all the way to Menorca.

10 Flora and Fauna
The peninsula is all wild: pine trees mostly, with scrub and clump grasses, oregano, cactus and wild palmetto everywhere. On a hot summer’s day, with cicadas buzzing, you’ll see wild goats, lizards and birds.

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